Legal and Financial Matters: A Dialogue Between Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Edward Snowden

Oliver Jackson-Cohen Edward Snowden
Hey, Edward. Have you heard about Shakepay? Yes, I have. Shakepay is a great way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Canada. But is Shakepay legal in Canada?
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Have you ever looked into the Islamic law of contract? Yes, I have. It's interesting to understand contractual obligations in Islamic jurisprudence. I came across this Islamic law of contract PowerPoint presentation that provides a comprehensive overview of the topic.
Shifting gears a bit, do you know what form of ownership Woolworths has? Woolworths operates under a specific form of ownership. I found this article that discusses what form of ownership Woolworths has from a legal perspective. It's quite insightful.
Have you ever heard of Charles's Law? Yes, Charles's Law, also known as the law of volumes, is an important concept in chemistry. I found a great explanation of Charles's Law in simple terms that helped me understand it better.
Edward, I have a question about federal tax liens. Do they affect credit scores? Yes, federal tax liens can have an impact on credit scores. I found some important information about how federal tax liens affect credit scores that might be useful for you.
Oliver, do you know the regulations for street legal golf carts in Alabama? Yes, I looked into it. I found this article that outlines the regulations and requirements for street legal golf carts in Alabama. It's important to be aware of the legalities when it comes to operating a golf cart on the streets.
What are the requirements to keep a CNA license active? As a nurse, it's crucial to stay updated on the requirements to keep your CNA license active. I came across this article that outlines the requirements to keep a CNA license active. It's important to maintain compliance with the necessary regulations.
Have you heard of rational legal legitimacy? Yes, rational legal legitimacy is an important concept in political and legal theory. I found this article that provides an in-depth understanding of rational legal legitimacy and its key concepts and interpretations.
It's always fascinating to delve into legal and financial matters from different perspectives. Indeed, Oliver. It's important to stay informed and aware of the legal and financial implications that affect our lives.